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Joe Homan, who died on 30 March 2016, aged 85.

Joe Homan

Joe Homan, who founded villages for poor and destitute children in southern India, died on 30 March 2016, aged 85.

In 50 years, more than 18,000 children passed through his children’s villages.

In Joe’s published autobiography (Miles O’ Smiles) he wrote – ‘I seek no thanks, I have received much more than I ever gave’.

Whilst saddened by his passing we can only be thankful to have known such an inspirational man.

His legacy to the children of India will live on for many years to come.


Memorial Service Honouring Joe’s Life

We are very grateful for all Family, Friends and Supporters who had travelled many miles to show their respects to Joe and his life’s work. Joe leaves us knowing that many peopled cared as much about him as he did about the children he served.

Obituary to Joe Homan kindly published by The Guardian and written by Chris Mullin, Patron to JHC

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